Basic Safe Driving Tips

Basic Safe Driving Tips

Present generation
cars and vehicles are so well teamed up with advanced safety gadgets that
accidents should not even be remote possibilities. Yet, we hear of
road-accidents every now and then. In fact, fatalities of accidents far
outnumber deaths due to other causes and in most cases, you will come to know
that the accident could have been avoided had the one behind the wheel abided
by safe driving tips. Remember, safe driving tips translate into safety and
well being for you as well as others sharing the tarmac with you. Use a car phone holder

A good driving record is one of the main components of getting good deals and
discounts on auto insurance. Every auto insurance company likes to see a clean
driving record, as it usually signifies a safe driver, and a safe driver
usually means fewer insurance claims. Most auto insurance places will give
discounts for a good driving record, which means lower auto insurance quotes
and a better overall deal for the driver. One of the ways you can have a clean
driving record is to use basic safe driving practices while you’re out on the
road. You can control every aspect of what goes on while you’re out there, but
you can control how you drive and makes sure no accidents happen because of

Some of the more obvious safety tips to keep your auto insurance low involve
speed and alcohol. Drinking and driving is a dumb move under any circumstance,
and if you choose to do it you stand to lose a lot more than just your low auto
insurance rates. Sometimes, speed can tie into drinking and driving, but many
drivers don’t seem to need alcohol to be a little heavy on the gas pedal.

With or without alcohol, speed likely causes more accidents than any other
factor. Speed limits exist for a reason, and driving like the road is dry and
clear when it is soaked with rain or caked with snow is always a bad idea. If
you stay within the speed limit and modify that speed according to the road
conditions, you’ll minimize most of the issues associated with excess speed.

These days, distraction is another safety issue that could end up with you
paying more for auto insurance. There is always the ‘out the window’ kind of
distractions that draw people’s attention away from the road, but now mobile
devices can make the problem even worse. Driving and talking on the phone or
driving and texting are two ways that your attention will be taken away from
the task at hand. If you reflexes are slowed even the tiniest bit, it could
mean the difference between stopping in time or smashing into the car ahead of you.
Some places issue fines for mobile device use while driving, but even if there
is no fine, an accident will surely cause your auto insurance to jump.

Other elements such as following too closely, seatbelt use and general
aggressive behavior on the road are also important in the safety and auto
insurance debate. And even though you really can’t control everyone, it’s wise
to keep an eye on the other driver, just in case he or she does something
unexpected, and you need to react. Just because that light has turned red and
you want to turn doesn’t mean another car isn’t going to whip through the
intersection. Keeping your car topped up with oil and in good working order at
all times is another safety tip that could end up saving you some money on auto


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